Revu 21 Installation Guide

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This article will help you install Revu on a single computer. If you’re an IT Administrator attempting to deploy Revu 21 across multiple computers at your organization, check out our Revu 21 IT Admin Resources.

Revu 21 automatically installs in Read-only mode if you don’t have an active subscription account. To register for a free trial of our most comprehensive Bluebeam Plan, click here.

Pre-installation checklist

  • Ensure compatibility and update Windows: First, confirm your system is compatible with Revu on the Bluebeam Revu Compatibility Chart. Check your Windows updates and complete any pending reboots, as failure to do so may cause issues with the .NET Framework and Revu installations.
  • Save your work: Close any running programs, as the system may need to restart before the installation is completed. If you are a Studio user, check in all Project files and ensure pending Session items have been uploaded to avoid potential data conflicts between versions. Click here for more information on reconciling changes.

Download and Install Revu 21

To download and install Revu 21, go to the Bluebeam Download Center, select Download for Desktop, and perform the following steps:

  1. Open the .exe file you downloaded. 
  2. In the InstallShield Wizard, select the desired language and click Next. Photo of installation window
  3. The Revu installer checks whether you have an earlier version of Revu installed.
    • If you’re installing Revu for the first time, follow the prompts in the InstallShield Wizard.
    • If you have Revu 2016 or later already installed, the Installation Options dialog box will appear. Select one of the following installation options:
        • Select Upgrade if you want to update your existing software to the latest version.
        • Select Side-by-Side if you are installing a new version of Revu to evaluate before purchasing, and you want to keep both instances of Revu on your computer.
          Photo of Installation Window depicting installation options
          Choose an installation option if you have an earlier version of Revu already installed.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Click Finish when the final installation dialog appears.
    Do not start Revu or the Bluebeam Administrator until you click Finish and the final installation window closes.
  6. When installation completes, open Revu and sign in with your BBID when prompted to activate.


If you encounter issues, please contact us for further installation support.


Revu 21


The Revu 21 Installation Guide will walk you through installing Revu 21 on your desktop.

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