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You can add watermarks in Revu simply by creating a custom stamp and then flattening that stamp. Flattening a stamp, or any other markup, ensures that the item is integrated into the PDF content layer. Flattening a stamp makes it unalterable and usable as a watermark for your documents.

Create a logo watermark

You’ll first need to create a custom stamp for your logo before you can add it as a watermark.

This example assumes some familiarity with stamps. To learn more, see Working with stamps.
  1. Go to Tools > Stamp > Create Stamp.
  2. Set the Opacity to 30% and leave the Template field set to Blank (none). If you want text or dates in your stamp, you can select these options under the Template field.
  3. Click OK. The stamp is created and opens in a new Revu tab.
  4. In the new Revu tab, click Image  from the toolbar on the right and choose a desired image from the file explorer window.
  5. Click inside the stamp outline to set the image. Resize and orient the stamp if necessary by clicking and dragging the box handles.
  6. Go to File > Save As (Ctrl+Shift+S) to name and save the stamp.

Apply a watermark to multiple pages and documents

Now you can apply your watermark to multiple pages and documents at once. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Batch > Apply Stamp…, and the dialog box will appear.
  2. Click Load… to upload your watermark to a saved batch, or click Add to add individual files, folders, and/or subfolders to create a new batch.
    Any active PDF files or open sets are automatically included in the current batch.
  3. In the Pages column, click the dropdown menu to select the pages you’d like your watermark to appear for each document.
  4. In the Stamp section, use the dropdown menu to select your watermark, or browse your local drive for the applicable image or file.
  5. Edit the opacity, rotation, position, etc. as needed.
  6. Click Save… to save a new batch.
  7. Click OK to apply the watermark to the specified pages or documents.

For more information about the full functionality of this feature, please see Batch Apply Stamp.

Flattening your watermark on multiple pages and documents

To make your stamp a true watermark, you’ll need to flatten the stamp on all pages or documents where you applied it.

After you flatten your watermark into the PDF content on applicable pages or documents, it can’t be moved, edited, or deleted.

To flatten your watermark on multiple pages:

  1. Go to Batch > Flatten Markups…
  2. In the dialog box, click Load… to access the batch to which you applied your watermark.
  3. Under Options, deselect all markup types except Stamp.
  4. Select Exclude Filtered Markups.
  5. Deselect Allow Markup Recovery (Unflatten).
  6. Click Flatten.

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Learn how to create watermarks for your PDFs using the Stamp tool in Revu 21.

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