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The mouse wheel has two different behaviors in Revu: zooming and scrolling. The mouse wheel’s default behavior depends on the active page layout, but may be changed according to preference.

Switching the page layout

Your page layout determines your mouse wheel’s default behavior:

  • Single page (Ctrl+4) – Zoom
  • Continuous (Ctrl+5) – Scroll
  • Side by Side (Ctrl+6) – Zoom
  • Continuous Side by side (Ctrl+7) – Scroll

To change your page layout, navigate to the View menu and select one of the above options. Or, click on the corresponding icon in the Navigation bar.

Holding down the Ctrl key while scrolling with the mouse wheel allows you to switch between zooming and scrolling. So if your mouse wheel is in zoom mode, your mouse wheel will scroll while Ctrl is held; and vice versa if the mouse wheel is in scroll mode.

Setting the default behavior and layout

To adjust the behavior of the mouse wheel:

  1. Click Revu > Preferences or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K.
  2. Click General > Navigation.
  3. Click Zoom or Scroll in the Single Page Mode and Continuous Mode drop-down lists to set the desired behavior for each mode.

To adjust the default page layout:

  1. Click the Document tab.
  2. Change the Page Layout drop-down to the setting you want. This will dictate which layout activates when a new document is first opened.
    • Document Based – Opens multi-page PDF’s in Continuous mode. Single page PDFs are opened in Single page mode.
    • Auto Detect by page size – Page layout is based on page size: pages under 14″ long will use the Continuous setting, while pages that are 14″ and longer will use the Single Page setting.
  3. Click OK.


Revu 21


The mouse wheel has two different behaviors in Revu 21: zooming and scrolling. Learn to configure the default mouse wheel behavior according to your preference.

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