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Revu can create an interactive table of contents in a document. If the PDF already includes bookmarks, the process is as simple as exporting the bookmarks, then inserting the export to the beginning of the original PDF.

Create a table of contents

  1. Open a PDF in Revu.
  2. Use the Export Bookmarks feature to create a new PDF that contains a hyperlinked list of the existing bookmarks:
      1. Go to Window > Panels Bookmarks  (Alt+B).
      2. From the Bookmarks panel toolbar, select Bookmarks > Export Bookmarks.

      3. In the Export Bookmarks dialog box, ensure Open File After Creation is selected.
      4. Click Save. A new PDF will automatically open with a hyperlinked list of bookmarks from the original file.
  3. Use the Insert Pages function to place the export at the beginning of the original PDF:
    1. Reopen the original PDF, then go to Document > Insert > Pages from Document (Ctrl+Shift+I).
    2. From the Insert Pages dialog box, click Add, select the export (saved as Original File Name_Bookmarks.pdf), and click Open.
      Alternatively, click Add Open Files and remove all documents from the list except the bookmark export.
  4. In the Into section of the Insert Pages dialog box, click the dropdown menu, and then select Before.
  5. Select First Page.
  6. Click OK.

If no bookmarks exist

If the original PDF contains searchable text, you can use AutoMark to create bookmarks automatically. You can also add bookmarks manually.

Only Bluebeam Core and Bluebeam Complete subscribers can create automatic bookmarks and page labels from PDF content.


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Learn how to create a table of contents for your PDFs in Revu 21.

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