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This installment of Customizing Bluebeam Revu covers the General section of the Revu Preferences dialog.

For complete documentation of the General Preferences, please refer to the Revu Help.

This article focuses on the changes you can make to the interface’s appearance under the Options subsection. To get to these settings:

  1. From the Menu Bar, click Revu > Preferences (Ctrl+K).
  2. From the list on the left side of the Preferences dialog box, go to General.
  3. Select Options from the top row of tabs.


Depending on the type of environment you work in, or the monitor you’re using, you may find dark colors or light colors preferable. This is why Revu has a Dark theme and a Light theme. By default, Revu uses the Dark theme.

Generally, dark colors are better for dark environments, while light colors are better for bright environments; and dark colors are better for high-contrast monitors, while light colors are better for low-contrast monitors.


Use the dropdown menu to select the language of your choice. Your selection won’t appear until you restart Revu. 

Show full-screen crosshair

When selected, whenever your cursor is in a workspace, a large crosshair that reaches the edges of the workspace will appear. This crosshair makes it easier to align markups and see exactly where you are clicking.

Document tab truncation

This option determines how file names that appear in document tabs will be shortened.

  • Start – Shortens the tab name from the beginning of the file name.
  • End – Shortens the tab name from the end of the file name.

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Revu 21


Discover how to use the General Preferences options to customize the appearance and functionality of the Revu 21 interface.

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