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About the new SharePoint integration

Bluebeam has introduced a new SharePoint integration that enables any web browser to open PDFs directly in Revu. To use the integration, it must be installed on the SharePoint site that provides the Open in Revu option when you select a PDF. The integration is available as an extension or add-in.

Comparing the extension and add-in options

To help you determine which option is right for you, use the table below to compare the features of the extension and the add-in. We recommend the extension, unless the targeted SharePoint installation doesn’t meet the requirements.

SharePoint Extension

  • Supported in on-premises SharePoint 2019 and later, including SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  • Requires the SharePoint site to use modern experience (Modern UI).
  • Supports single- and multi-file selection to open several files in Revu at once.
  • Distributed in a file named Bluebeam.OpenRevuExtension.sppkg
  • When executing the Open in Revu function, the browser remains on the same page, and Revu launches.
  • Built using the newer SharePoint Framework (SPFX).

SharePoint Add-In

  • Supported in SharePoint 2013 and later, including SharePoint Online (Office 365).
  • Supports Classic SharePoint and modern experience (Modern UI).
  • Supports opening one file at a time in Revu (no multi-file selection).
  • Distributed in a file named
  • When executing the Open in Revu function, the browser temporarily displays an Opening in Revu landing page. Once the file is sent to Revu, the previous SharePoint view is restored.
  • Built using the legacy method of creating SharePoint apps.

Client Requirements

To use the SharePoint integration, you must install Revu 21. The integration is supported in all current browsers (i.e. Edge, Chrome, and Firefox).

The Revu installer deploys a custom protocol handler in the client registry, which is responsible for forwarding the request from the browser to Revu. If this registry key becomes corrupted, uninstalling and reinstalling Revu will recreate the handler.

Installing the SharePoint integration

This process requires elevated privileges on the SharePoint server and must be performed by your SharePoint admin.
Install the integration as either an extension or add-in; do not install both.

You can download the app package files from the enterprise deployment package.

For detailed installation instructions, select your version of SharePoint below:

To successfully deploy the SharePoint Online integration, you’ll also need to enable the public CDN on the tenant level. When using an on-premises SharePoint Server, there is no need to enable the public CDN. For detailed instructions on how to enable the public CDN, see the SharePoint instructions.


After deploying the SharePoint integration app, selecting any PDF in the Documents list will display an Open in Revu button on the Command Bar. The same option will be available on the context menu when right-clicking a PDF. Once you’ve installed the extension or add-in, see How to use the SharePoint integration.

If you right-click a SharePoint file but don’t see the Open in Revu option, clear your browser’s cache and try opening the file again.

Since the integration is separate from Revu, SharePoint won’t need to be updated each time a new version of Revu is deployed, unless desired functionality has been added in the newer version of the integration.

In this article, learn how to install the SharePoint integration app to work with your Revu 21 license(s).