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Define separate units of measurement for length, area, and volume

Bluebeam Basics subscribers are limited to Length and Area measurement tools.

While your Page Scale dictates the default unit of measurement on your drawing, you can set independent units of measurement for specific markups by following the steps below:

    1. Open the Measurements panel.
    2. In the PDF, perform a measurement, or select the measurement markup you want to set an independent unit for.
    3. In the Measurements panel, set units of measurement for Length, Area, and Volume (depending on the measurement type). 
    4. Select a unit of measurement for Length, Area, or Volume. The units will update the selected markup, independent of page scale.

With the Properties Toolbar enabled, you can also set and adjust units of measurement. 

Set custom units of measurement as the default

Set as Default allows your length, area, or volume measurements to always display your independent units. To enable this:

  1. After applying independent units to a markup, right-click the markup.
  2. Select Set as Default.



Revu 21



In Revu 21, you can use different units for measurement markups on the same page. Learn more.

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