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In Revu, markup tools and/or other menu items (e.g. signatures) appear gray and remain inaccessible.


There could be various reasons why you’re unable to select certain tools and functions, including:


Before troubleshooting, go to Document > Security (Ctrl+L) to view and/or change permissions (if applicable).

Solution 1: User has Read-only access
If you have Read-only access or a Basics subscription, you do not have access to all Revu 21 features. Contact your Org Admin to edit your account permissions for more access to features.

If you are a collaborator without a subscription (Read-only/Unpaid/Unassigned accounts) see this article.

Solution 2: The document is password-protected
If a password was enabled in the document properties, you’ll need to enter it when you open the file.

If you don’t know the password, you’ll need to reach out to the file admin. They can provide either the password or an unrestricted copy of the document, so you can work on it.

Solution 3: The document needs to be checked out
When uploaded to a Studio Project or other DMS, the file needs to be checked out before you can make any changes. In Studio Projects, simply click the padlock in the file name tab and select Check Out. This gives you full access to the markup tools while preventing other users from overwriting your edits.

Solution 4: The document contains digital signatures or certifications
When a PDF is signed or certified, its content is locked to prevent further edits/changes. To check for digital signatures or certifications, go to Window > Panels > Signatures (Alt+4). If your PDF is signed/certified, you’ll need a previous version of the file to access markup tools and additional functions.

When certifying a document, an admin can permit markups, but this setting can’t be altered after a document is certified.

Solution 5: Revu was deployed with features disabled
If Revu was configured for a multi-user setting when installed, it may have been deployed with certain features disabled. Contact your IT administrator or department if functionality issues persist.


Revu 21


Editing Documents


Tools and menu items appear gray and remain inaccessible, creating limited functionality.

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