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When you use Revu on a tablet PC, you can change your profile to Tablet Mode, which adjusts the interface in a variety of ways to suit tablet users. If you would like to further enhance your tablet experience, you can tweak the Tablet preferences.

To access the Tablet preferences:

  1. Go to Revu > Preferences (Ctrl+K) in the Menu Bar.
  2. Once the Preferences dialog box opens, select Window from the list on the left. You should be in the Tablet tab automatically.

Now you can fine-tune a number of settings, including:

  • Which Pen and Highlight cursor to use in tablet mode.
  • How Revu recognizes and selects text when using the Pen or Highlight tool.
  • The pressure sensitivity for the Pen and Highlight tools.
  • The time before markups are applied (this affects how your markups will be grouped).
  • Using the right-click button to activate the Lasso tool with the Pen or Highlight tools.

More information

Tablet Preferences (Manual) – In-depth information on tablet preferences.


Revu 2019


Revu 20

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Revu 2017 and older

With Revu’s Tablet Profile, navigating a tablet PC with a stylus turns into a much easier process. A list of features designed for tablet PC users can be found here.

But depending on how you use Revu, it may not operate in the way you would like. That’s where Revu’s Tablet settings come in.

Like all of Revu’s settings, the Tablet Preferences menu is found by going to Settings revu-settings-32x32 > Preferences settings-32x32 (Ctrl+K). Once the Preferences settings-32x32 dialog box opens, select Tablet from the list on the left.

Now, you can tweak your tablet settings to your heart’s content. Some of the settings here will allow you to do the following:

  • Determine which cursor to use in tablet mode.
  • Change how Revu recognizes and selects text when using the pen or highlighter.
  • Set the sensitivity to pressure for inking markups, or a delay before markups are applied.
  • Activate the lasso tool with inking markups.

If you have more specific questions, or if you are interested in seeing an explanation of all the settings here, the Tablet Preferences section in the Revu Help Guide has much more information.

If you would like to learn more about using Revu with a tablet PC, watch this video .


Revu 2017 & Below


If you have a tablet PC, you can customize Revu to better accommodate your workflows.

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