Working with Panels & Tabs

Applies to:

  • Revu for Mac 1

Revu for Mac is no longer supported. Learn more.

The Revu for Mac interface includes Panels located either side of, and below the Main Workspace, which let you access functions and features for various tasks such as creating Bookmarks, Calibrating your drawings to ensure accurate measurements, and accessing Bluebeam Studio.
You can open and close the Panels by clicking the Nubs nub located along their edges. The Tabs can be opened using either the Revu Mac Keyboard Shortcuts, clicking Tabs in the View menu of the Revu Command Bar, or by clicking the View > Tabs in the Menu Bar.

The available Tabs and Panels are:

Markups List Thumbnails

If you want to customize Revu to better suit your workflow, you can click the icon for an open tab and drag it to another Panel, another area of your screen, or an additional monitor. For example, if you want to move the Thumbnails tab, just click and hold the Thumbnails thumbnails.png icon and drag it to the desired location.

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