Pages are rotated or skewed after running OCR

This article applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Revu 20


After running OCR on a PDF in Revu, some or all pages are rotated or skewed.


This happens when the Correct Skew option is enabled in the OCR dialog. If the PDF contains text at an angle, the OCR function will rotate pages or the whole document to correct it.


To fix this issue, disable Correct Skew before running OCR.

  1. Select Document > OCR.
  2. In the OCR dialog, deselect Correct Skew.

    disable correct skew OCR

  3. Select OK.

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Revu 21

Revu 20


After running OCR on your PDF, pages are rotated or skewed. Here’s how to troubleshoot the issue, so pages are the correct orientation.

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