How to print PDFs to scale from AutoCAD

Applies to:

  • Revu 21 & Below


The PDF isn’t to scale when printing your drawing or document.


Check Revu, your printer, and the Bluebeam plugin to ensure your settings are correct.

Turn Page Scaling off

  1. In Revu, select File > Print.
  2. In the Page Scaling dropdown, select None.

Check for scale settings in the printer or plotter driver

  1. In the program you’re printing from, open the Print window and select the Properties button to see the settings for the printer driver.
  2. Check the settings in your printer driver for a Scale or Shrink to Fit option.
  3. If Shrink to Fit is enabled, disable it so the printer will be full scale. The layout of printer drivers vary, so the setting may have a different name or might be located somewhere else in the driver dialog.

Adjust Plot Scale when using the plugin for AutoCAD

Revu 21 requires a Core or Complete subscription to use Bluebeam plugins. For Revu 20 and below, you must have a license that is CAD or eXtreme edition.
  1. In AutoCAD, go to the Output tab.
  2. In the Bluebeam section, select Change Settings.
  3. Go to the Page Setup tab.
  4. Select Custom or Global from the Page Setup list to enable these settings.
  5. Select the appropriate Paper Size.
  6. Under Plot Scale, select 1:1 from the Scale dropdown.
If Native (AutoCAD) is selected in the Page Setup list, Bluebeam uses the settings from AutoCAD’s Page Setup options.


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Learn how to fix a PDF with an incorrect scale after printing.

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