“Remember me” BBID sign-in option


“Keep me signed in” is no longer an option when I log in to Studio.

This issue will be resolved in an upcoming Revu 20 update scheduled for late October 2021. In this update, full functionality for the “Remember me” option will be restored.


We recently updated the BBID sign-in page, and for security reasons we’ve replaced the “Keep me signed in” option with the “Remember me” option. The “Remember me” option will retain your email address (but not your password) for future logins.

Due to this security update, Revu will not automatically authenticate you on subsequent logins or retain your login password.

“Keep me signed in” is no longer an option when signing in with a BBID, meaning Studio will not login automatically. Learn about the new “Remember me” option for BBID sign-in.

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