Unable to properly calibrate your drawings

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You’re unable to properly calibrate your drawings. 


This happens because the document contains at least one Viewport that defines the scale and units of measurement.


You can remove the unwanted viewport by following these steps:

  1. From the Measurements panel under Viewports, select the viewport you want to delete.
  2. Select the Clear All Viewports icon .
  3. Select Clear All From Page to delete the highlighted viewport from the current page; or select Clear All From Document to remove viewports from the entire document.
If you’re still unable to calibrate your drawings, there may be security settings on the document restricting access.


Revu 2019


Revu 20

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Revu 2017 and older


What to do if you’re unable to calibrate your PDF drawings.

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You can’t correctly calibrate a PDF drawing, or your measurements aren’t accurate.

Why is this Happening?

The drawing may contain pre-existing viewports that were exported from the original CAD file as part of the PDF.


Check the Viewports section of the Measurements tab and delete any pre-existing viewports by selecting one of them, and clicking Clear All.

If you want to remove a specific viewport, select it and click the red X.

More Information

If you’re using Revu 11 or above, you can find out more information about unwanted viewports and removing them in our support article called “Page Turns Blue When Doing Measurements,” as well as a video explaining what you can do if you’re unable to calibrate a document correctly .

One thing to consider is that there maybe times when you actually want viewports in your drawing, so to help you with this we have an FAQ explaining how you can use viewports to set multiple scales on single page.

You can also checkout our video tutorials on PDF Measurement , the Measurement Enhancements in Revu 12 , and Takeoffs and Estimations , in addition to the FAQ section on our Support page, and the Revu Help Guide.



Revu 2017 & Below



What to do if you’re unable to calibrate your PDF drawings.

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