How to use Google Maps for measurement estimations

Applies to:

  • Revu 20 & below

You can use Google Maps or other online satellite imaging as a quick way to do estimations in Revu. Images can be copied from the browser and pasted into Revu, where you can use the Measure tool to determine distances and area. This can be useful to find the size of a lot or the length of a driveway, for example.

First, create a new PDF file in Revu
  1. Open Revu.
  2. Go to File > New PDF .
  3. Set your desired document settings and click OK.
Second, copy the map image
  1. Open your browser and go to or your preferred mapping site.
  2. Find the area where you need to take measurements.
  3. Open the Snipping Tool that is included in Windows. Click Start > Programs > Windows Accessories > Snipping Tool.
  4. Click New, and then Rectangular Snip.
  5. Draw a rectangle in the map for the area you want to copy. Include the scale in the bottom corner so you can use it to calibrate the scale in the PDF.
  6. Click Edit and then Copy in the Snipping Tool.
Third, paste the image into Revu
  1. Return to Revu.
  2. Paste (Ctrl+V) the image into the document.
  3. Hold Ctrl and drag the corner of the image in order to retain the aspect ratio.
  4. Once the image is in the desired location, go to Document > Flatten Image (Ctrl+Shift+M).
  5. Click Flatten.
Finally, calibrate and measure the area
  1. Open the Measurements panel (Alt+U).
  2. Click Calibrate and use the scale in the corner of the image.

Your measurement tools will now use the same measurement scale as the satellite image.

  • Make sure you are viewing a flat map (i.e., a view from directly above) and not a tilted or 3D view. A tilted image is distorted and any measurements would be incorrect.
  • You don’t have to use the Snipping Tool; any method of capturing the image works. You can use Alt + Print Screen or another screen capture tool, if you prefer.
  • Use the Crop Image tool if you want to crop the pasted image.


Revu 2019


Revu 20

You can use Google Maps™ or other online satellite imaging as a quick way to do estimations in Revu.

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