Set multiple measurement scales on the same PDF | Revu for Mac 2.x

The Viewports section of the Measurement panel allows you to create viewports with different calibrations. This allows you to define areas with different measurement scales than the rest of the document. All measurement markups drawn within these viewports will adhere to that viewport’s specific scaling.

To create viewports:

  1. Open the Measurements panel (Option-M).
  2. Click Viewports to open the Viewports section of the Measurement panel.
  3. Click the Add Viewport button to define a viewport.
  4. Click OK on the pop-up window, then click and drag to define the area for the new viewport.
  5. Type a name for the viewport. Select from either the preset scales or set your own custom scale.
  6. Click Apply.
  7. To change the scale of your viewport, click its name in the Viewports list. The scale options for the selected viewport appear below.

You can add another viewport to your document by clicking the Add Viewport button. To delete a viewport, select its name in the Viewports list and then click the Delete Viewport button. To delete all viewports, click the trash can  and select Clear All From Page or Clear All From Document.

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