Store Scale in Page checkbox is grayed-out | Revu 2017 & below


The Store Scale in Page check box is grayed out in the Measurements tab.


In order to use the Store Scale in Page function, you must turn on the Measurement option Use Embedded Scale. Scroll down to the Options section at the bottom of the Measurements tab, check the Use Embedded Scale check box and then you will be able to check Store Scale in Page in the Scale section at the top.

If you’re using Revu 11 or above, you can find more solutions to calibration issues in our support article called “Page Turns Blue When Doing Measurements,” while users of Revu 10 and below should take a look at the article called “Unable to Calibrate a Document,” and its accompanying video .

You can also checkout our video tutorials on PDF Measurement , the Measurement Enhancements in Revu 12 , and Takeoffs and Estimations , in addition to the FAQ section on our Support page, and the Revu Help Guide.

Is the “Store Scale in Page” check box grayed-out in the Measurements panel? Read more about this issue and follow our quick solution here.

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