Studio Allowlist – Control Server Access and Force Windows Authentication

Applies to:

  • Revu 20 & below

With Revu 2015.1 and above, Administrators can deploy a registry key to Vu and Revu client systems to control Studio server access. If your organization is using Studio Enterprise, you can create an allowlist of allowed servers (e.g. Your Internal Server URL) while restricting access to external servers (e.g. Owners of private Studio Enterprise servers also have the option of forcing users to log in to your Studio Enterprise servers with Windows Authentication instead of entering a username and password in the software. Once configured, users will not be able to override these settings in Vu or Revu.

Creating an allowlist through a registry key

  1. Open the Registry Editor
  2. Find the version you need:
    1. For 64-bit, navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Bluebeam Software
    2. For 32-bit, navigate to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Bluebeam Software
  3. For new installations of Revu 2016 and above, right-click the Bluebeam Software folder and create a new Key named Revu.
    For Revu 2015 and below, skip this step and proceed to step 4.
  4. Right-click the Revu folder, select New > Key and name it Studio
  5. Right-click Studio, select New > String Value and name it AllowedServers
  6. Right-click AllowedServers, select Modify and enter YourServerURL as the Value data.
    • DO NOT include https in the server name.
    • Separate multiple server URLs with a comma ‘,’ and no spaces (e.g. YourServerURL,


  • If no server URLs are entered in the allowlist, Studio will be disabled in Revu.
    Users will not be able to create or delete servers in Revu and Vu.
  • All Fields in the ‘Manage Server’ dialog box in Revu and Vu will be disabled.
  • Resetting settings for Revu and Vu preserves the allowlist.
  • Accessing a Studio link for non-allowlist servers generates an error.

Force Windows Authentication mode

  1. Start at the same Studio key created above, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareBluebeam SoftwareRevuStudio.
  2. Right-click Studio and select New > DWORD(32-bit) Value
  3. Name it WindowsAuthenticationOnly (case sensitive)
  4. Right-click it and select Modify and set the Value to 1


  • All fields of the Login dialog box are disabled, Windows Authentication is checked, and cannot be unchecked.
  • All fields in Edit server dialog are disabled. Windows Authentication is checked and cannot be unchecked.
  • Generates error for servers that do not support Windows Authentication.
    Revu and Vu Studio functionality will be disabled unless the Bluebeam Studio URL ( or your internal Studio Server URL has been entered as described above.

Export this Studio Registry key and deploy it to client systems. Set permissions accordingly to prevent users from making changes to it.


Studio Enterprise



If your organization is using Studio Enterprise, learn how you can create an allowlist of allowed servers (e.g. Your Internal Server URL) while restricting access to external servers (e.g.

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