Syncing Studio Project files without an internet connection | Revu 2017 & below

With Revu Mac, Revu 11 and above, and Revu iPad 1.5 and above, syncing a local copy from the cloud and working offline is readily available. All you have to do is pick your files, sync, and you are ready to work – regardless of Internet connectivity.

Revu and Revu Mac keep Studio Project files accessible to you, even with a poor connection, or no connection at all.

Revu iPad makes it quick and easy to get your files when you are at the jobsite or on the road. Whether you are using Studio Projects, Box, Dropbox, or WebDAV, syncing keeps everyone on the same page.

Syncing on Revu iPad

The following video explains how to sync files and folders on Revu iPad:

Syncing on Revu iPad

Syncing in Revu and Revu Mac

In Revu and Revu Mac, it is simple to work offline with Studio Project files. While you have an Internet connection, you only need to enter your Project and then designate the files that you need to access while you don’t have a connection. You can think of it as pre-loading the files onto your computer.

The Revu Mac menus are the same, but have a slightly different appearance.

Preparing to work offline

  1. Open the Studio studio.png tab and open your Studio Project.
  2. Designate the files you want to work with by hovering over a file and clicking designate-for-offline-use-16x16 the green arrow directly to the right.

    You can designate a folder the same way, which also marks all subfolders and the files they contain.
  3. Click the sync Sync button at the top of the Studio tab to create locally cached copies of the files.
  4. Check out the files you want to work on while offline. This locks the files so no one else can change them. Right-click on the file and click Check Out dms-check-out.
  5. When you Check Out a file it is added to a new Pending Changes section at the bottom of the Studio tab.
  6. If you want to get a preview of what files you have synced locally, click Work Offline studio-go-online.
  7. Now you can markup and work with the files you have for the day without worrying about having an Internet connection. Files that have not been marked to Sync are not available when Working Offline, so they will appear grayed out in the files list. Make sure that files that you need do not appear in gray.

Working offline

Work offline just as you would with any other PDF. Make changes and Save the file. Revu will save the file is a special location specific to this Project. Note: Do not use Save As, this will break the file’s link with the Project.

The Checked Out files are easy to find in the Pending Changes list.

Uploading your changes when you are back online

When you are in a location that has an Internet connection, you can Sync your files back into the Studio Project.

  1. Click Work Online studio-go-offline to connect to Studio.
  2. When you have connectivity again, Check In your changed documents. Right-click on the document in the Pending Changes list and click Check In dms-check-in.

Want to learn more about Studio Projects and Studio Offline, see the Revu or Revu Mac help files.

Do you need to work with Studio Project files without an internet connection? Learn how to prepare files for working offline and sync them later.

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