Top Issues Fixed in Revu 2017.0.10

This article applies to:

  • Revu 2017


Top issues in Revu 2017.0 that have been resolved with the release of 2017.0.10Please refer to the Bluebeam Support site for information about:

Relevant Products

Bluebeam Revu Standard, CAD, and eXtreme

Issues Fixed:

  • Overall slow performance after upgrading to Revu 2017 when opening and navigating through Sets in Bluebeam Studio Projects.
  • The Count Column in the Markups List displays the wrong quantity for Count markups made in Revu 2016.x and below.
  • Installing Revu 2017 breaks the Elum Tools plugin and Licaso within Revit.
  • “Non-PDF” files in located in Bluebeam Studio Projects which are not cached will not download and open.
  • Permissions for files downloaded from Studio Projects are set to Read Only.
  • Font Cache (FontCache.xml) issues and errors are not resolved as expected when the Font Cache is rebuilt.
  • Markups created using the Dynamic Fill feature are sometimes labeled with the incorrect Subject in the Properties tab and Markups List.
  • Some pages are missing when multi-page PDF’s are printed to physical printers or the Bluebeam PDF printer.



Revu 2017 & Below

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Learn about the top issues in Revu 2017.0 that were resolved with the release of 2017.0.10.

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