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Already own a license? Upgrade easily to the latest version of Bluebeam® Revu.  Whether you own a Perpetual license, an Open license, or Maintenance and wish to self upgrade, we’ve got the answers to your questions. 

How to install the upgrade

A note about upgrades:

Going from one major version of Revu to another is a paid upgrade, unless you have a current maintenance subscription when the new software is released. So for example, going from Revu 2017.0.30 to Revu 2018 is not a free upgrade, but on the other hand, upgrading from version 2017.0.20 to version 2017.0.30 is free of charge.

Studio Users – Before upgrading, check in all Project files and ensure pending Session items have uploaded to avoid potential data conflicts between versions. Click here for more information on reconciling changes.

1. Check the Revu Compatibility chart

Go to the Revu Compatibility chart and confirm your new version of Revu is compatible with the operating system and associated software on your machine.

2. Upgrade your license

You can purchase an upgrade for your license at the Bluebeam web store.  Upon upgrading, you’ll receive an email containing your new serial number and product key.  You’ll need this information to register your new version of Revu.  

The serial number and product key for your older Revu software will not work with the newer version. Also, simply unregistering your current Revu software and reregistering it with the new serial number and product key will not upgrade the software or unlock new features.

This also applies to editions. Let’s say you’re upgrading from Revu 2018 Standard to Revu 2018 eXtreme. Once again, you’ll need to have a new serial number and product key for Revu 2018 eXtreme.

Self-upgrade option for customers with maintenance

Customers who have maintenance can issue themselves a new serial number and product key by going to our Self Upgrade page and entering the registration information for their current software, and then clicking the Search button. 

Additionally, if you purchased Revu 2017 after February 20th, 2018, visit our Self Upgrade page to receive a version upgrade at no additional charge.

3. Download the Revu installer

You can download your new version of Revu from the Downloads & Updates page.  Be sure to select the edition of Revu that’s listed in the email you received after upgrading your license.  If you don’t have that email, please contact us to request another copy.

If you are prompted to Run or Save As the Revu installer, select Save As and choose a location on your hard drive to store the file.

You have to download and install the newer version of the software in order to successfully upgrade. Unregistering your current Revu software and re-registering it with the new serial number and product key will not upgrade the software or unlock new features.

4. Install Revu

Once the download has finished, please close all of your open programs, and then double-click on the installer. Click here for detailed instructions for installing Revu 2018 onto your computer.

Please refer to the Revu Deployment page if you’re deploying Revu 2018 to multiple computers.

Entering your Serial Number and Product Key

During the latter part of the installation process, a registration window will appear where you can enter your serial number and product key. If you need to get this information from an email, it’s ok to open your email program at this time so you can copy and paste the information into the corresponding boxes.

After you’ve clicked the Register button, the software will contact the registration server to complete the activation process. The installer will continue running, and eventually you’ll need to click the Finish button to complete the installation process.

If you receive an error message when registering your software, please make sure you’ve entered the correct serial number and product key, as discussed earlier in this article. If the message doesn’t go away, please check our Registration Errors page to see what it means and how to resolve it.

If you still need further assistance, please contact Bluebeam Technical Support.

Already own a Revu license and want to upgrade? Follow this article for directions for upgrading your license or installing the latest version of Revu.

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