Viewing Drawings in the field

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Once the Review process has been completed and drawings are published to the field, Project attendees have access to these sheets from their mobile devices. All that’s needed is a Bluebeam ID, the Drawings mobile app, and permissions to view the Studio Project.

Downloading the app

To get started, download the free Bluebeam Drawings app for iOS or Android. Your device requires at least Android OS 5.0.0 or iOS version 11.0 to run Drawings. If you’re using a company-issued device, refer to your organization’s mobile device policy for additional guidance.

The experience may differ slightly between Drawings on iOS and Drawings on Android. 

Accessing Drawings on mobile

With the Drawings app on your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the Bluebeam Drawings app.
  2. Sign in using your Bluebeam ID, or create a new account. 
  3. After signing in, you’ll see one of two screens:


    No Drawings Uploaded

    If a Drawings Uploader has not yet published drawings to your Projects, you will not see any Projects listed. The mobile experience is view-only and you will need to wait for a Drawings Uploader or Project Admin to upload drawings. If you are looking to publish Drawings yourself, click Learn More at the bottom of the screen. 

    Drawings have been uploaded

    If a Drawings Uploader has published drawings to your Projects, you’ll see them listed on the home screen. A list of available Projects will be organized in order of Projects downloaded to your device and those most recently updated. Click on the download icon to download a Project to your device.

Once drawings are downloaded, you’ll be able to:

  • Use swipe gestures to easily navigate between sheets
  • Pinch or double-tap to zoom
  • Tap to access sheet, document, and web links that have been previously added.

You’ll always know you’re looking at the latest information, as older sheet versions will be clearly displayed with a red banner that reads Not Current. If there have been any updates to drawings in your Projects, you’ll see an indicator under the Project Name that reads Updates Available .

Drawings offline

Drawings on mobile is available for offline use. You will be able to view drawings downloaded to your device while out on the field, even without an internet connection. However, to see the latest updates to your drawings or to download new drawings, you will need to go back online.


I’ve logged into the app but I don’t see any Projects. Why?

If you don’t see a Project in the Drawings app, open the invitation email on your mobile device and click the Open in App button. This will open the Project in the app and, moving forward, you will always be able to access it directly from your list of Projects in the app. If you don’t have an invitation email, request one from the Project owner. Invites can be sent from within the Drawings web app by going into Settings and clicking Invite on the top right.

I’ve logged into the app and see my Project, but I don’t see any drawings. Why?

Make sure that someone in your Project has uploaded drawings and that they have been fully reviewed and published. Drawings will only be available to view once each of these steps has been completed.

Why can’t I download my sheets?

Ensure you are connected to the internet and have at least the estimated size of the local files plus 250 MB to accommodate Safe Storage Limit requirements.

How do I remove downloaded Projects from my device?

When viewing your list of downloaded Projects, click Edit, select the Project you wish to delete, then click Remove Project. Signing out of the app will also remove any downloaded Projects from your device.



Getting Started

Once your drawings have been uploaded and you’ve got everything set up, they’re ready to be viewed by all of your collaborators. This article discusses how to use Drawings to view and share your documents on-the-go.

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