The Custom Choice column is empty | Revu 2017 & below

You’ve set up a custom column with available choices that are linked to the Subject property of a markup, only to find the list is empty when trying to make a selection.

Why is This Happening?

This is usually caused by an extra space at the end of the Subject name, as shown in the Markup Properties.

The Solution

The short-term solution is to go to the Properties tab and remove the extra space from the Subject name. However, this means you’ll have to do this every time that particular markup is used.
The permanent solution would be to place one instance the Markup on the page, make the change in the Subject name on the Properties tab, save this new version to your Tool Set, and remove the old one.

In either case, you’ll now be able to see the available options in your custom Choice column.

If you’ve set up a custom column but the Choice column is empty when you try to make a selection, read on to resolve this issue.

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