Markups List: The document width and document height columns

Applies to:

  • Revu for Mac 2

Revu for Mac is no longer supported. Learn more.

The Markups List is a feature with endless customization options. With some filtering, columns can be hidden or expanded to show an individual markup’s status, comments and even measurements. During this process, you may have noticed the Document Width and Document Height columns in the Markups List, and wondered how they’re different from the Width and Height columns.

Document Width and Document Height: Displays the size of a markup, such as a stamp or cloud, on the PDF. These measurements are not based on the scale set in the Measurements panel or viewport.

Width and Height: Displays the actual size of an element represented by a markup. These measurements are true to the scale set in the Measurements panel or viewport.

When viewed in the Markups List , the disparity between these measurements may appear to be an error. For example, if a 2×2″ stamp is applied to a drawing that was calibrated to 1/8″ = 1′, the stamp will not appear to scale compared to a 16′ length measurement on the page. This is because the “Document” size of the stamp is 2×2″.

To get the width and height of a markup based on the scale set in the drawing, you’ll need to take additional measurements. If you need a markup or stamp in a specific size independent of the scale set in the drawing, you can set the scale for a particular markup in the Properties panel.


Revu for Mac 2


You can adjust the width and height of your Markups List in Revu for Mac 2 to give you a better view.

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