Windows 8, Windows RT and Microsoft Surface


Compatibility with Windows 8, Windows RT and the Microsoft Surface tablet.

Relevant Products

Bluebeam Revu

Will Revu run on Windows 8?

Yes. Revu 11 and above are compatible with Windows 8. Previous versions of Revu are not compatible or supported on Windows 8.

Will Revu run on Windows RT?

At this time, Revu will not run on Windows RT. The reason – Windows RT is a completely new operating system for mobile devices that use ARM, rather than Intel processors, and it is not a full version of Windows. We are closely monitoring interest in Windows RT from our customers and will determine future support based on this feedback. So, if you are deploying Windows RT devices and want to use Revu on them, we want to know. Drop us a line at

Does Bluebeam support the new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet?

Yes! Revu 11 and above, which are compatible with Windows 8, supports the full HD display and multi-touch capabilities of the Surface Pro.

Please keep in mind, the Surface RT is not supported by Revu due to the different mobile processor in this device.

If you have any other questions or feedback about Windows 8 or Surface Pro support, let us know! Email us at

The Compatibility Page contains information about Revu’s compatibility with other versions of Windows.

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