Visualizing data using maps in Project Rover

This article applies to: Project Rover iOS Using the Project Rover mobile app, you’ll be able to utilize satellite and street maps to contextualize your drawings. This will help improve project efficiency and streamline basic workflows, whether by finding nearby punch items based on geolocation, or visualizing multiple drawings simultaneously […]

Studio error: “Email already exists”

This article applies to: All versions of Revu Problem When you attempt to change the email address of your Studio account, you receive the following error: “Email already exists {0}“ Cause If your email address has recently changed and you were invited to a new Studio Project/Session using this new […]

“Unable to sign in” with BBID

You encounter the following message when attempting to log in: “Unable to sign in.” This message may appear for the following reasons: Entering an incorrect password. Attempting to log in without having created a BBID account.

Close floating toolbar

You want to get rid of a floating toolbar on the Revu interface. You may also be encountering a full screen floating toolbar you’re unable to close after switching between Markup Mode and View Mode.

Studio Session markups are locked and can’t be edited

Any markups present on a document at the time of upload won’t be editable in a Studio Session. This includes markups you may have created yourself before uploading the document to a Session. In addition, markups placed by a user while in a Session will only be editable by that same user. While the above is intended behavior to maintain document integrity, you can make changes offline and reupload the document to the Session.