Questions about Licensing and Installation

This article applies to: All versions of Revu I need to transfer a seat from one device to another. Follow these instructions to move your seat. If the device is no longer working and you’re the license admin, please contact us: Select Get in Touch For the Inquiry Type, select Licensing […]

How to send and accept Studio invitations

This article applies to: Revu 2019 Revu 2018 To send an invitation for your Project or Session: Go to your Project or Session in Revu. Select Invite at the top of the Studio panel. Select Add and type in or paste the attendee’s email address.  Repeat Step 3 for each […]

Overview of the Bluebeam Stapler

This article applies to: Revu 20 Revu 2019 Revu 2018 The Bluebeam Stapler provides binding and batch capabilities. To launch the Stapler, go to Start > Bluebeam Software > Bluebeam Stapler. There are a few ways to add documents to a job in the Stapler: Drag and drop the files […]

Bluebeam Single Sign-on (SSO) configuration [PILOT]

Introduction Thank you for participating in the Bluebeam Single Sign-on (SSO) pilot program. We appreciate your interest in testing this new offering prior to it being made widely available to other Bluebeam customers who wish to enhance security while also improving the user experience. The step-by-step instructions contained within this […]

Revu 2019 Administration Guide | Revu 2019

revu Bluebeam® Revu® Administration Guide – Version 2019 This article applies to: Revu 2019 Jump to other versions: Revu 20 Revu 2018 Revu 2017 Introduction This guide gives IT administrators the knowledge, self-sufficiency, and freedom to manage and troubleshoot all aspects of Revu across your organization. The included information covers [...]

Bluebeam Studio Enterprise End of Life Support Guide

Download this file View full-screen How-To Help Guide Studio Enterprise System & Environment  Studio Enterprise End Of Life Support Guide. Use this guide as your go-to support resource for troubleshooting and diagnosing common issues related to End-Users, Application Server, and the SQL Server. The intended audience for this guide is [...]