Setting Page Scales

Accurate page scales are a vital part of taking accurate measurements and, if a page does not have an established scale, Revu will prompt you to set one before placing a measurement. Revu offers a few different ways to set a page scale to suit your specific needs and workflow. Each method has advantages and disadvantages and which is preferable depends on how you would answer a couple questions:

  1. Is the scale known and common (or has it been previously saved to your list of preset scales)?
  2. Are you sure that no scaling errors occurred during the PDF creation process?

When both of these are true, using a preset scales is a fast and efficient way to set a reliable scale. If you know the scale, but it's not in the preset list, and you're sure the PDF has no scaling errors, entering a custom scale only takes a little more time (and you can always save it to your preset list for later use). And when you're not sure of the exact scale or whether or not there might be scaling issues with the drawing, calibrating the scale to a known length on the drawing is a simple and accurate way to set your scale. Calibrated scales can be saved to your preset list, too.

Pages can have separate X and Y scales. These scales can be set using any of the available methods and different methods can be used for each, even on the same page. Each of the three methods mentioned above provides the opportunity to set separate scales. In addition, pages can have one or more viewports, areas of the drawing that are set to a different scale. See Viewports for more information.

The methods described on this page discuss setting the scale for one or more pages at the same time. Similar functionality is available on the Measurements panel that affects just the current page, but it can be an even quicker way to set a scale as it involves even fewer mouse clicks. The process for setting page scales can also be started from the Thumbnails panel and some prefer it when they want to set a scale for multiple pages and find it easier to pick pages by their thumbnails.