Error: “The Session does not support the requested operation” Limited Support


An error message appears when opening a Studio Session saying, “The Session does not support the requested operation”

Relevant Products

Bluebeam Revu 8.5 to 9.5.1


Error message displays when trying to joining a Studio Session, “The Session does not support the requested operation.”

This message indicates that the Studio Session was created in a version format that is incompatible with your version of Revu.


In Revu 10, a new Studio Session version was introduced for compatibility with Bluebeam Studio Projects, and this new Session version requires Revu 10 or above.

The Session host can start a new Session, and in the Options section of the New Session dialog, select Studio v1 (Revu 8.5 and above) from the Version dropdown. This will create a new Studio Session that can be accessed by all Revu 8.5 and above users. There is no way to convert an existing Session from one version to another.

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