Bluebeam Revu eXtreme® enables the editing and creation of interactive, form-based PDFs. JavaScript actions may be included for field validation and other functionality to make smart documents, and there are several ways to extract the data from forms and port that data to other applications for further processing.

Revu supports AcroForm and static XFA Forms. Dynamic XFA Forms are not supported at this time.

The Form menu contains commands pertaining to these features, the majority of which are only available in Bluebeam Revu eXtreme.

Automatically Create Form Fields: Automatically generates forms from an existing PDF, converting elements in the PDF that conform to typical form field characteristics.

Form Fields (Text Box, Radio Button, Check Box, List Box, Dropdown, Button, Digital Signature): Adds the selected form field to the PDF. See Form Fields for more information about each.

Data Manipulation (Import Data, Export Data, Merge Data): These features are for working with data in the PDF.

Migrate Typewritten Text: Converts Typewriter markup text above a form field into form data.

Highlight (CTRL+F7): Enables or disables the highlight feature, which turns form field elements blue.

Reset: Clears all data entered into a form and return all form fields in the document back to their default states.

JavaScript (CTRL+SHIFT+J): Enables the adding, editing, or deleting of JavaScripts on the form.