Opening a File From ProjectWise

To open a file from ProjectWise:

  1. There are three ways to open a file from a DMS in Revu when a DMS interface is configured:
  1. If you have enabled Always Show Selection dialog in File Access Preferences, the Open From selection dialog box appears.

    Select the desired ProjectWise datasource and click OK. If you are prompted to log in, do so. The Open Document dialog box appears.

  2. Navigate to the desired document in the Document window and select it. The Address, Description, and File Name fields will populate with available data to confirm that the correct document has been selected.
  3. To both open and check out the file, uncheck Open document as read-only. Otherwise, the file will open without being checked out.
  4. Click Open. The file appears in the Revu workspace and, if appropriate, is checked out.