Document Menu

The Document menu provide tools for manipulating PDFs. The tools available vary slightly among Revu Basics, Revu Core, and Revu Complete. It is accessed by clicking Document on the Menu bar.

Document Properties (CTRL+D): Opens the Document Properties dialog box for the active PDF, providing general property information about the document, as well as security settings.

Page Setup: Launches the Page Setup dialog box to define page sizes and related behavior.

Rotate Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+R): Rotates one or more pages in 90-degree increments.

Insert Menu

Blank Page (CTRL+SHIFT+N): Inserts a blank page after the active page.

Pages from Document (CTRL+SHIFT+I): Inserts pages from other PDFs.

Layered Pages: Inserts pages from other PDFs; each PDF page will become a new layer within the current PDF.

From Scanner/Camera: Opens the Scanner dialog box to acquire images from a scanner or camera. Images captured result in new PDF pages.

Extract Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+X): Removes or copies one or more pages from the Document to a new PDF file.

Split Document: Split documents into separate files based on either Page Count or File Size.

Replace Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+Y): Replaces the content of the page while keeping the markup information.

Delete Pages (CTRL+SHIFT+D): Removes one or more pages from the PDF.

Crop Pages (SHIFT+ALT+O): Crops the page to remove unwanted content.

Number Pages: Changes the page labels that appear in the thumbnail view.

Create Page Labels: Opens the Create Page Labels dialog box, allowing for the creation of page labels in the PDF from either bookmarks or a selected region on the page.

Headers & Footers Menu

Add: Adds a new header and/or footer to the document.

Edit: Edits the document's existing header and/or footer.

Security (CTRL+L): Shows the current Security setting of the PDF and allows you to Change Permissions.

Compare Documents: Launches the Compare Documents dialog to highlight the differences between multiple documents.

Overlay Pages: Reveals the differences between the pages of two PDF files by creating a single layered PDF from those pages.

OCR: Opens the OCR dialog box, which transforms an image of text into text that can be searched and copied. Available in Revu Complete only.

Script: Starts the Script Manager, from which you can automate various tasks. Available in Revu Complete only.

Translate Markups: Translates the text of markups among several languages.

Color Processing: Opens the Color Processing dialog box to change colors of vector and raster image data in the PDF.

Reduce File Size: Analyzes the active PDF and determines unused elements that can be removed to reduce its file size.

Repair PDF: Processes a PDF to address specific display issues.

Archive as PDF/A: Exports a PDF that complies to the PDF/A1-b standard for archiving.

Flatten (CTRL+SHIFT+M): Flattens markups in the current document, moving them from the markup stream into the main body of the PDF, rendering them uneditable.

Unflatten (CTRL+SHIFT+U): Recovers markups that have previously been flattened, if Allow Markup Recovery was selected when the markups were originally flattened.

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