Auto-Matching in the Batch Features

Several of the batch features (notably, Batch Compare Documents, Batch Slip Sheeting, and Batch Overlay) are all capable of automatically matching current sheets with their revisions, provided that a consistent naming convention is in place. Pages can be auto-matched by their file name and page index, page label, or page region.

In most cases, Revu's auto-matching function will successfully match current sheets with their revisions, but in the event that a consistent naming convention is in place and the auto-matching function doesn't deliver satisfactory results, users can add their own syntax to the matching algorithm. If that doesn't work, or is not an option, manual correlation is always available. The auto-matching function can handle a variety of scenarios, some of which are described below.

Auto-Matching in Sets

Sets includes a revision filter capable of automatically matching revisions without requiring the user to enter any configuration syntax, provided common, recognizable naming conventions are used. If for some reason the automatic filter does not deliver the desired results, wildcard syntax can be used to manage revision filtering. The new revision will have a Tag added incrementally based on the number of that document’s revisions in the Set (i.e., Rev 1, Rev 2, Rev 3).