Visualizing data in Bluebeam Cloud

This article applies to:

  • Bluebeam Cloud – Web
  • Bluebeam Cloud – iOS

Using the Bluebeam Cloud mobile app, you’ll be able to visualize multiple drawings simultaneously using the Layers List. This will help improve project efficiency and streamline basic workflows.

Layers View

Access the Layers List by selecting Layers  in the top left corner. You can then toggle individual drawings on or off by selecting the desired drawing from the list.

You can also select a punch or RFI on your drawing to toggle the Punch Log or RFI Log.

Locate Me functionality

Unique to the Bluebeam Cloud mobile experience, you’ll also be able to quickly find relevant information for your project by utilizing the Locate Me button. Simply tap the Locate Me button to find nearby content. To disable the feature, tap the blue button on screen and select Hide marker.

GPS information is not shared with anyone else on the project or stored on the server.

To learn more about Bluebeam Cloud, see the Bluebeam Cloud FAQ.

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