How to create custom page sizes

Applies to:

  • Revu 21
  • Revu 20
  • Revu 2019
  • Revu 2018

The steps listed below describe how to add new page sizes for use within Revu, as well as the Bluebeam PDF printer, plugins for Microsoft Outlook and supported CAD programs.

Within Windows, page sizes are called “Forms.” Revu CAD or eXtreme users can find separate instructions for creating new pages sizes for use with our AutoCAD plugin. For Revu 21 users, you must have a Core or Complete subscription plan to fully access Bluebeam plugins.
  1. In Revu, go to Revu > Bluebeam Administrator .
  2. Click the Printer tab.
  3. Click the Manage Pages button and then click Add.
  4. Type the Form Name, select the Units, and type the values for the Page Size.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

Things to consider

  • The Form must be defined with a portrait orientation. The values will be switched if the values are entered in landscape orientation.
  • Windows stores all pages using inches. Use “MM” or “_MM)” as the last characters in the form name and the Page Manager will always display the units in millimeter.
  • Standard forms like Ledger, Legal, Letter and Tabloid can’t be deleted or changed because doing so would alter or delete that form for all printers on the computer.
  • Custom sizes are not supported by the Word and Excel plugins, which have their own predefined sizes.


Revu 2019

Editing Documents

Revu 20

Revu 21

Revu will create any page size you designate in a few steps.

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