Revu for Mac Release Notes

Applies to:

  • Revu for Mac 2

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What’s New

Support for macOS Catalina.


Fixed issues relating to:

  • Copying JPEGs from a PDF caused a crash.
  • Opening and closing PDFs in a Session repeatedly.
  • The Capture tool in Mojave and Catalina.
  • Systems with a large number of installed fonts.
  • Switching from Dark Mode to Light Mode for the first time.
  • Hiding the Thumbnails tab would cause the application to freeze.
  • Joining a Studio Session from an email invite.
  • Markups made on a Studio Session PDF would also appear on the user’s local PDF.
  • In Studio Projects, document windows would collapse when multiple PDFs were opened in Split View.
  • In Studio Sessions, PDFs would become dirty after markups were deleted.
  • macOS in Norwegian.
  • Cursor would not appear when editing text in some markups.
  • Moving Volume markups.
  • Minor UI bugs and typos.


Resolved Issues
  • Fixed an issue during application start on macOS Catalina.


What’s New

macOS Mojave Support

Support for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Mojave.


  • Fixed an issue with hyperlinked text not displaying correctly.
  • Resolved a connection issue with Studio Enterprise.
  • Addressed an issue where reducing the panel size caused some fields to not display correctly.
  • Addressed an issue where editing a custom column and then clicking the column header would cause Revu to crash.
  • Fixed an issue with the sync button not working when using List View in Studio Projects.
  • Resolved an issue where the check out icon would sometimes not update when a file is checked out in Studio Projects.


  • Addressed an issue where undo text edit for markups like Cloud+ and Callout will not update for attendees.
  • Addressed an issue where deleting markups offline would show a blank entry in the pending panel.
  • Addressed an issue where Cloud+ markups could sometimes have missing clouds.
  • Addressed an issue where Revu could sometimes freeze when leaving a Session with pending markups.
  • Addressed an issue where the number of pending markups created could decrease the speed of the upload process.
  • Addressed an issue where adding, deleting or undoing markups would sometimes not update for other attendees.
  • Addressed an issue where uploading pending markups such as Cloud+, Callouts, or Text would sometimes result in missing text.
  • Addressed an issue where Sessions document that was still downloading would fail to open because it appeared fully downloaded.
  • Addressed an issue where bad connection could sometimes lead to failed uploads causing pending items to lose property changes.
  • Addressed an issue where placing lots of markups on a document could cause the pending queue to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where leaving a Session with pending markups could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where deleting a markup while the markup is selected by another attendee could sometimes cause Revu to crash.
  • Addressed an issue where the downloading dialog appears to be stuck even after the Session document is opened.
  • Addressed an issue where closing multiple session documents could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where closing Revu with Sessions open could sometimes cause Revu to hang.
  • Addressed an issue where changes made to markups while disconnected could sometimes result in lost changes.


New User Interface (UI)

The intuitive interface and simple navigation in Bluebeam Revu for Mac 2.0 is designed to put all the right tools right at your fingertips. Updated icons and UI styles enhance legibility and recognition. User experiences have evolved to reduce clicks, maximize screen real estate for documents and help users find valuable features more easily.

The new menu dropdowns create fewer clicks on average and make it easier to find features. The new menus are also more streamlined to save more screen real estate.


Panels are exposed on the side making them immediately discoverable and accessible without resizing elements of the UI, which disrupts visibility and flow. A single click on icons to open and close panels also allows for faster navigation.

Panels are updated to include title dropdowns that allow users to easily identify which panels are open. At the same time, relevant tools remain available in the dropdown menu. This provides a simplified user experience when users interact with panels.

Properties Toolbar

This is a new toolbar that responds to user action by providing contextually appropriate information and controls, which maximizes efficiency by automatically presenting the right tools at the right time. As different tools or markups are selected, users will be presented with a dynamic toolbar that provides immediate access to the most relevant and frequently used controls. Save more screen real estate by reducing the amount of workflow dependent toolbars, such as Font and Line Style, while simplifying workflows.

Dozens of unique configurations, including:

  • Document Properties
  • Markup Properties
  • Measurement Properties
  • Studio Project Tab Properties
  • Studio Project Document Properties
  • Studio Session Properties

Improved Rendering

Revu for Mac 2.0 introduces an all new document rendering engine that provides smooth scrolling and fast zooming across documents. Rendering updates improves the experience of loading and viewing files, panning, zooming, and interacting with markups, especially for users with Retina displays.

Hatch Pattern Selection and Import

Revu for Mac 2.0 adds the ability to apply standard hatch patterns to markups, as well as import custom hatch patterns created in Revu for Windows. Support for hatch patterns is a highly requested feature for Revu for Mac, allowing users to visually indicate various material types.

Custom Column Creation

In addition to viewing and importing Custom Columns into the Markups List, Revu for Mac 2.0 now also supports creating and defining Custom Columns that include formulas for calculations, dropdown menus, check boxes, dates, numbers or text.

Sequence Creation

In addition to viewing and placing pre-configured Sequence markups, Revu for Mac users are now able to create and define Sequence markups, allowing these customizable markups to automatically increment numbers or letters for easy identification of items in a PDF.

Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts

Users can now customize keyboard shortcut assignments and remap existing shortcuts based on individual workflow needs. Custom keyboard shortcuts can be exported and imported for easy sharing and creating standardized custom keyboard shortcuts.

Studio Projects

The redesigned Studio Projects integration features an updated tabbed interface, making navigation simple and intuitive. The Studio panel remains focused on the list of available Projects and Sessions and now provides access to multiple Studio Projects simultaneously.

Key Updates
Studio Projects Tab

Users now have a separate Navigation panel with a dashboard that displays Project files and folders. The increased workspace makes working with large numbers of files and folders much easier. Users can easily navigate their panels using the breadcrumbs or the Navigation panel.

Quick Actions

Elevated visibility for common actions (such as upload files, upload folder, check in/out) makes the process of file management easy to learn and consistent at all stages of the Project. Revu for Mac 2.0 includes the ability to create a new Studio Project from the file menu.

Thumbnails and List View

Users can view their Projects in thumbnails or list view. Thumbnail view displays previews of PDFs, and list view offers different sort options based on available information. File icons have also been updated to differentiate file types.

Access Multiple Projects

With the new tabbed interface, users can work in multiple Projects at once, improving efficiency in any projects that require accessing information from different Projects. This also allows users to easily hyperlink between different Project files for improved navigation between Project files.

Split-View for Project Files

Users can use the Split-View functionality to view the Navigation panel and Project files side by side in a split view, making opening multiple files a more seamless experience, allowing users constant access to the Navigation panel while viewing their documents. Users can also use the Expand to Dashboard functionality for a simpler interface when using split-view functionality.


Projects now support drag and drop with background uploading for folders and files, making it easier to manage Project files. Users can now continue working in Revu for Mac without having to wait for files to finish uploading.

Offline PIN

A PIN can be created to provide access to local Studio files when there is no internet connection available to sign in to Studio. To set up Offline PIN access, first sign in to Studio and then select “Offline Access” from Revu Preferences for Studio.

Studio Sessions
  • Improvements to Studio stability issues intermittently causing unexpected disconnections and issues leaving a Studio Session with pending markups
  • The Sessions list in the Studio panel has been updated with new icon statuses to provide a visual indicator for soon to expire, expired and inactive Sessions
Studio Server
  • Added sign in button and server-switching dropdown to the Studio Panel
  • Added default US and UK Studio servers
  • Projects and Sessions can be created in the UK server


Revu for Mac 1.93 and Revu for Mac 2.0 may be installed simultaneously. This functionality is provided for users who would like to evaluate Revu for Mac 2.0 before uninstalling the previous version of Revu for Mac. After the trial period, unregistering and uninstalling the previous version is recommended, as this reduces the required disk space for installation.

Resolved Issues
  • New rendering engine addresses many issues related to slow file rendering, flickering, incorrectly displayed images, thumbnails, or content, and navigating in split screen
  • Improvements to translations of the Revu for Mac interface for German and Swedish languages
  • Addressed issues causing Revu for Mac to intermittently crash when performing a Save function while editing Highlighter markups
  • Fixed an issue where “Set as Default” did not correctly save properties for Stamps
  • Performing a Save As function on a Studio Project file will now automatically open the new file
  • Fixed an issue causing Cloud+ markups in the My Tools tool set with customized properties to sometimes revert to default properties
  • Clearing untitled Viewports now applies to all pages within a document
  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent crashing when overwriting and exporting files to TIFF, for files containing different page sizes
  • Added confirmation message before performing the Delete Page function
  • Fixed an issue making it difficult to expand sections within the Studio Sessions panel after collapsing them
  • Status section in PDF Markups List Summary now wraps correctly, so it does not overlap the Comments section
  • Fixed an issue causing Overlay Pages to not include markups that were flattened without markup recovery
  • Markup properties for Sequence markups in the Tool Chest may now be edited directly, without first placing on a PDF
  • Fixed an issue causing incorrect display of Height and Width columns for area measurements on files rotated to a landscape orientation
  • Include File Attachment option in Insert Pages now correctly excludes file attachments
  • Fixed an issue causing instability when viewing and moving several tabs between Split Screen windows
  • Extracting pages and naming files with page labels that contain periods now maintains the correct file extension
  • Fixed an issue causing intermittent crashing when closing Studio Session files after saving local copies and editing the copies within Sessions
  • Addressed an issue causing Snapshot to not copy image to clipboard on some files
  • Angle Measurement now displays correct degree units
  • Fixed an issue causing crashing when canceling a Save As function without a file name
  • Combining files that contain relative hyperlinks now maintains relative hyperlinks within the combined file
  • Disabled Resume option for locked Count markups
  • Insert Pages now correctly respects location of pages added before the last page
  • Disabled Select Print Window for documents with PDF security restricting print
  • Fixed an issue with Sequence markup text appearing in an incorrect location when rotated and resized


What’s New

macOS High Sierra Support

Support for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS High Sierra.


  • Added option to include measurement units in CSV and XML Summaries.
  • Fixed an issue with Sync not working when splitting the display using Split Horizontal or Split Vertical.
  • Resolved a crash that can occur when using tab to select an option with Autocorrect turned on.
  • Display a notification indicating the presence of an untitled Viewport on a document.


What’s New

Compare Documents

Compare two documents and Revu will automatically cloud the differences, eliminating the need for tedious manual comparisons.

Print the current page view in Revu without having to crop or select a specific area.

Document Dimmer

Dim a document’s content to make markups more visible.

Alignment Tool

Easily align and distribute markups on a document by right-clicking and selecting Alignment.

Adjustable Scroll Settings

Ability to manually adjust scroll speed and direction in Revu’s Preferences.

Resolved Issues and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Revu could crash when creating multiple length measurements in untitled viewports.
  • Improved printing of certain types of raster documents.
  • Spell Check preferences are now saved in Text Boxes.
  • Added Page Up/Down keyboard shortcuts for navigation.
  • Added display of units (e.g. mm, cm, inches) to Markups List.


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed issue that caused certain raster content to not print.


What’s New

Custom Stamps

Create custom PDF stamps with dynamic metadata (date/time, filename, etc.)

Measurement Properties

Find measurement information for current and total columns in the Properties panel.

Custom Print Scaling

Set custom print options such a scale, rotation and positioning.

Select a specific document area for printing.

Bookmark Properties

Adjust title, color and font weight for document bookmarks.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved crashing issues when opening non-cached files from Revision History.
  • Addressed problem with connecting to Studio Enterprise servers.
  • Fixed issue with licenses becoming unregistered on update.
  • Resolved crashing issues with certain custom tool sets.


What’s New

Support for new markups created in Revu 2017 for Windows

Ability to render and interact with new measurement markups created in Revu 2017:

  • Polylength
  • Slope
  • Custom counts/columns
  • Width/height
  • Depth & wall area

Resolved Issues

  • Made “Show All Measurements” a dropdown menu for more granular control.
  • Improved Reduce File Size to reduce crashes.
  • Resolved issue with licensing.
  • Holding Command ? key will now toggle freeform highlighter mode.
  • Updated license agreements for 2017.


PDF Security Settings Presets

Save PDF Security settings as presets to quickly apply a set of restrictions to documents.

Export as Image

Option to export any PDF in Revu as an image file. Support for JPEG, PNG, GIF and TIFF file formats.

Resolved Issues
  • Updated Swedish and German translations in PDF Security dialog box.
  • PDF security icon now reflects the document’s security status.
  • Middle mouse-click now closes tabs in Revu.
  • Various fixes and improvements.


Support for macOS Sierra

Support for Apple’s latest operating system, macOS Sierra.


Resolved an issue when attempting to open a folder from the Studio Panel.

Edit Vector Content (Cut/Erase)

Cut and erase graphics and text from a PDF’s content layer.

Cutout Tool

Subtract from an existing area or volume measurement using the Cutout tool to create even more precise measurements.

XML Summary

Create a summary report of markups and their properties as a structured XML file.

PDF Security (Editing)

Ability to edit and apply PDF Security restrictions to a document.

Convert Images to PDF

Open image files in Revu and have them automatically converted to PDF.

Resolved Issues
  • Added ability to create and edit page labels.
  • Resolved issue when creating a Studio account with certain domain names.
  • Improvements to rendering PDF/A files.
  • Various fixes and improvements.



Resolved stablity issue when clicking in the Studio tab.

Headers and Footers

Add page numbers, dates, Bates numbering and custom text to the header and footers of a PDF.


Embed photos and videos into markups using iSight or local files. Create a pre-formatted summary report of Capture data.

Replace Pages

Replace specific pages of an open document with pages from another PDF.


Help file has been localized into German.

Resolved Issues
  • Delete a Studio Project via Studio home’s context menu.
  • Default depth defaults to 8ft (2438.4mm).
  • Improved image-rendering engine.
  • Various fixes and improvements.



Revu Mac has been localized to German and Swedish.

Page Size Display

Displays size of currently opened file in the Status Bar.

Units Preference

Ability to change units for Grid and Layout.

Resolved Issues

  • Changing the units of the base/target scales was not updating the value.
  • Calibration was not working if more than 3 digits were entered into the measured distance.
  • Various fixes and improvements.

1.0.1 (67)

Resolved Issues
  • Changing the units of the base/target scales did not update the value.
  • Calibration did not work if more than 3 digits were entered into the measured distance.
  • Revu Mac was crashing when deleting members of a Sequence.


Revu for Mac 1

Revu for Mac 2

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