Upgrade to Revu 21

This article applies to:

  • Revu 20 & below

About upgrades

An upgrade is when you go from one major version of Revu to another major version of Revu. For example, going from Revu 2019 to Revu 21 is considered an upgrade. For Revu 20 and below, upgrades need to be purchased — except for users with active Maintenance.

Revu 2019 and below have reached End of Life (EOL) and are no longer supported. For more information, please visit our EOL FAQ. Revu 20 has reached End of Sale (EOS) and can no longer be purchased. For more information, see our announcement.

Upgrades vs. updates

An upgrade is not the same as an update. An update is a software patch that delivers bug fixes and other minor improvements. For example, going from Revu 20 to Revu 20.1 is considered an update. Updates are free and included with your license or subscription plan. To install updates within Revu, select Help > Check for Updates.

Upgrade to Revu 21

Bluebeam has moved Revu from a licensing and maintenance model to a subscription model. For more information, see the Bluebeam Subscription FAQ.
If your license has active Maintenance

If you have Active Maintenance and want to upgrade to Revu 21, you can upgrade via the Bluebeam webstore. Please visit the Upgrade to Subscription page for detailed steps on how to upgrade.

If your license doesn’t have Maintenance
If you don’t have Active Maintenance, you may buy a subscription via the Bluebeam webstore or through a reseller.

For more information about how to transition your entire organization to subscription, check out our Subscription Implementation Guide.

Install Revu 21

After you upgrade to Revu 21, you can install it onto your computer. With a subscription, you won’t need to register your named-user license with a serial number or product key. Logging in with your Bluebeam ID (BBID) will authenticate your license.

For more information, visit the Revu 21 Installation Guide. If you’re an IT admin deploying Revu 21 for your organization, please see our Revu 21 IT Admin Resources.


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Learn how to upgrade your license to the most recent version of our desktop solution: Revu 21.

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