Updates to the Bluebeam Gateway

Applies to:

  • All versions of Revu

What is the Bluebeam Gateway?

The Bluebeam Gateway is an online administrative portal available for licenses with active Maintenance. In the Gateway, license admins—also known as Gateway admins—can view and manage their Bluebeam licenses.

What’s new with the Gateway?

Perpetual license admins

In the past, the Gateway was available to Open and Enterprise license admins that needed to manage their Revu seats and view usage data. Now Perpetual license admins can log in and view their account licenses and Maintenance status, as well as manage users’ Drawings permissions.

Drawings permissions

With the introduction of Bluebeam Drawings, Gateway admins can now manage who has permissions to upload to Drawings. They can also view how many Drawings sheets Drawings Uploaders have uploaded toward their total sheet limit.

Accessing the Gateway

If you last signed into the Gateway prior to March 2019, your account information may have been updated. See Signing into the Gateway for more information.

If you’ve never accessed the Gateway before, you can go to portal.bluebeam.com and sign in with your Bluebeam ID (BBID).

To make changes to your managed licenses

If you need to make any adjustments to the licenses associated with your Gateway account, please submit a ticket to our Licensing team. In the Inquiry Type dropdown, select License and Registration.

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