Revu 21 IT Admin Resources

Revu 21 IT Admin Resources

Looking for more information about deploying the latest version of Revu? Visit the following guides to learn how to implement and manage named-user licenses and subscriptions for all-in-one access to Revu 21, Studio, and Bluebeam Cloud.

I need pre-deployment resources before transitioning to subscription.

Implementation Guide

Find out what you need to know before deploying Bluebeam subscription plans and named-user licenses.

I want to deploy Bluebeam software across my organization.

Revu 21 Deployment Guide

Download deployment packages and learn how to deploy the latest version of Revu across your organization.

I want to manage Bluebeam software post-deployment.

Revu 21 Admin Guide

The Revu Administration Guide is your day-to-day guide for managing Revu 21 installations. It'll assist you with any changes you need to make to your Revu installations after a deployment.

Bluebeam Subscription Management Guide

Learn how to manage your organization's subscription plans and users in our new license management system.

Find everything you need to successfully deploy and manage Bluebeam Revu subscriptions to your user base with our Revu 21 IT Admin Resources.