How to work in Revu 21 without a subscription

With the release of Revu 21, features and functionalities for PDF management and collaboration are now available upon purchasing one of our new subscription plans: Basics, Core, or Complete. However, there may be instances when you’ll access Revu without subscription access or collaborate with others who don’t have a subscription.

In this article, we’ll go over the available functionalities for working in Revu and Studio without a subscription. To see a comprehensive list of Revu 21 features available for each subscription plan, visit this article.

Revu 21 features available without a subscription

When accessing Revu 21 outside a Studio Session, markup tools are grayed out if you don’t have a Bluebeam Plan account. 

Grayed Out Markups

However, you can still open, view, and print PDFs, as well as fill out forms, in Read-only mode. Please see the table below for additional Revu functionalities that are available outside a Session without a subscription:

Feature Description Feature Location
Access and view recent PDFs File Access > Recent Files
Open and view existing 3D PDFs File > Open (Ctrl+O)
Open existing files in a Studio Project or Session  Studio
Check Out /Check In existing Project files Studio Projects
Download Project files Studio Projects > Right-click file > Download Copy
Apply standard hatch patterns
  • Properties panel
  • Tools > Toolbars > Properties Toolbar
  • Tools > Toolbars > Appearance >
Change Subjects and Comments in the Tool Chest Tool Chest > > Detail
Export tool sets from the Tool Chest Tool Chest > > Export
Track and manage markups via the Markups List Markups List
View, manage, and sort markups and comments Markups List > Filter List
Create and save custom Markups List filters Markups List > Filter List > Select column header > Custom
Launch multiple instances of Revu Start or desktop > Revu
Drag document tabs into new windows across multiple monitors Document tab > Right-click > Detach

Collaborate in Studio Sessions without a subscription

Even without a Revu 21 subscription, you can still participate in Studio Sessions. However, you’ll have limited access to classic markup tools and customizations.

Markups for non-subscribers

In Sessions, non-subscribers can copy other users’ markups and access the following tools:

Feature Description Feature Location
Text Box Tools > Markup > Text Box (T)
Callout Tools > Markup > Callout (Q)
Line Tools > Markup >  Line (L)
Arrow Tools > Markup >  Arrow (A)
Dimension Tools > Markup >  Dimension (Shift+L)
Cloud Tools > Markup >  Cloud (C)

Markup appearance properties for non-subscribers

The image below summarizes the styles and customizations available via the Properties panel or Properties Toolbar for non-subscribers:

Free Collaborator Options
Appearance properties that are only available with a subscription, including fonts and line styles, will be grayed out and disabled for non-subscribers.

Do you have additional questions about accessing Revu without a subscription or general questions about our new subscription plans? Feel free to contact us.


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This article covers the available functionalities for working in Revu and Studio without a subscription.

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