What's New in Revu 20

Revu 20.2

Setting Page Scale Improvements

The process for setting page scales has been streamlined to make it quicker and easier to ensure accurate measurements on all your drawings. You can set X and Y scales independently, apply them to a custom page range within the drawing, and save your custom and calibrated scales to your list of preset scales to reuse later.


How viewport scales are created and modified has also been simplified and now viewport scales can use a different measurement system from the page scale.

Flexible Measurement Units

Units of measurement are no longer tied to the page scale. Whether scaled up or scaled down, or even if you’re using a different measurement system, you can now take measurements using whatever units you want.

Bluebeam University Link

A convenient link to the Bluebeam University website, Bluebeam’s self-paced online training program, has been added to the Help menu.


Revu 20.1

Applying Markups to Multiple Pages (Copying and Pasting)

The Apply to Pages function has been expanded with new paste options, allowing users to copy and paste a markup across a customizable range of pages, to all even or odd pages, or to all portrait or landscape pages.

Visual Indicator for Markups with Replies (Markups)

A small icon [] will appear as a visual indicator to identify markups with replies in the Markups list. In the event that the icons are obscuring your view of the drawing, you can disable (and later re-enable) them from the View menu.

SharePoint Integration (Document Management Systems)

SharePoint integration has been improved to include the ability to the use the modern SharePoint authentication protocol and to be compatible with (including the ability to open PDFs stored on SharePoint directly from) current browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Reassigning Session Markups (Studio)

Session owners and admins can now reassign control of markups when a collaborator permanently leaves a Session. This allows the new markup controller to exercise authority over the markups, including full editing rights. New markup controllers will also receive an email alerting them to their new status. Changes in control will be noted in the Session record and can be included in summaries and reports.

Real-time Measurement Values (Measurements)

A measurement preview window will appear while you are placing measurements, giving you key real-time measurement values to ensure accurate, precise markups.


Revu 20.0

Find Tools + Commands

The new Find Tools + Commands function lets you search for a tool or command and run it from the Help menu.


The Studio invite procedure has been improved for Sessions and Projects, from how you invite partners to your Sessions or Projects to setting up their permissions and managing users who have joined or not joined yet.

  • Project permissions and Session permissions can be set up for users before you invite them, even if they don't have a Studio account yet. This includes the ability to add them to your Studio Groups.
  • In addition to adding entire Studio Groups to an invite list, you can choose to add just certain people from one or more Groups.
  • Lists of partner emails can be copied and pasted into a invite list or entered directly.
  • No matter which method (or methods) you use to assemble your invitee list, Revu will group and sort the emails alphabetically and by domain so you can review for accuracy and completion and make last minute additions and deletions.

Managing attendees, whether they've joined the Session or Project or not, is also improved.

Users can now view a list of Sessions or Projects they've been invited to and easily join them directly from the Studio panel.

Studio Session reports will now identify filters that have been applied to the report and display this information prominently to avoid confusion over why some information might seem to be missing.


Text Boxes and Callouts have been enhanced, making them more flexible and more compatible with common workflows. These enhancements include:

Note: Markups created with new features like the hexagon shape or new leader lines can be viewed by users who are on older versions of Revu, but if such a user were to edit those markups, they would be converted to a format compatible with the older version of Revu, resulting in the loss of the new features. For example, a Text Box markup created with the hexagon shape can be viewed by a user on an older version of Revu and they will see it as a hexagon, but if they were to edit that markup, the shape would be converted to a rectangle, the nearest shape the older version of Revu can create.


Added the ability to use advanced and custom line styles with: Area, Volume, Polylength, Perimeter, Length, Cutouts, Rectangle Sketch, Polygon Sketch, Polyline Sketch, and Ellipse Sketch tools, making it easier than ever to accurately identify different measurement types in your drawings. These line styles will be readily available from the Properties panel and the Dynamic Properties Toolbar.

Markups List

The filtering process in the Markups list has been updated and improved. In addition to a better filtering UI and the ability to save filter sets for later use, other improvements include: