Host a Studio Session

The Session Host is the person who starts and controls the Studio Session. The Host starts the Session, adds the documents, invites the Attendees, and defines the security and permissions. The Host also manages the Session. Documents can be added or removed and new Attendees invited once the Session has started as well. When everyone has contributed, The Host also creates the Report, Finishes the Session, and saves the files.

The Host does not need to be in the Session for other people to join the Session and work. People work at different times and have different times available to them for different types of work. Once a Session is started, anyone who has been invited can log into the Session and work whenever it's most convenient for them.

Before you can host a Studio Session, you must have a validated Studio account. If you have not created one yet, do that first.

The features available to Attendees when attending a Session are described elsewhere. This section addresses the features that are unique to the Host. For features available to Attendees, see Attend a Session.


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