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Welcome to the Revu help guide. This document is designed to provide procedural and reference material relating to Revu. To make it easier for you to find exactly what you need, there are three methods provided for finding content: the Search bar and the Menu bar above as well as the curated lists below. Each provides access to the same information so use whichever one suits you best.

For what's new in this version of Revu, see What's New in Revu.

Markup Tools

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Studio Tools

Create a Studio Account

Manage Studio Servers

The Studio Panel

Studio Offline

Studio FAQs

Quantity Takeoff Tools

Setting Page Scales

Tool Chest Panel

Properties Toolbar


Searching PDFs

Measurements Panel


Organizing and Summarizing Results

Collaborative Review Tools

Create a Studio Account

Attend a Studio Session

Markup Alerts

Finishing a Studio Session

Document Management Tools

Create a Studio Account

Join a Studio Project

Working with Files in Studio Projects

Adding Studio Project PDFs to a Session

Sharing Studio Project Files

Drawing Management Tools

Split View

Compare Documents

Overlay Pages


Page Labels

Batch Link

Field Issues Tools

Markups List

Creating a Punch List with the Markups List

Custom Columns in the Markups List

Custom Statuses in the Markups List


Batch Summary

Using Revu on a Tablet PC