Revu Deployment Packages

Revu has been designed to support large-scale use within your organization. This page provides resources for planning, implementing, and administering your deployment of Bluebeam software.

The Bluebeam Revu Enterprise Deployment Guide describes how Bluebeam can be deployed and utilized in an enterprise setting. Typically, large organizations face unique challenges when implementing desktop applications, such as finding the most efficient deployment and configuration methods when using multi-user settings within a network environment.

The Bluebeam Revu Administration Guide covers how to administer your installations on a day-to-day basis, after you’ve completed a deployment.

For the best results, we strongly recommend reading both guides before beginning your deployment.

Update Files for Bluebeam Revu 2019.1.20

Revu 2019.1.20 uses a streamlined updating process, which uses a smaller file to update Revu instead completing a full installation. The update is 92% smaller than the full installation, greatly reducing the amount of time needed to update your software.

The included readme file contains instruction for installing the patch, and because the patch is being applied to an existing Revu installation, the MSP file requires no additional configuration.

The MSP update can only be installed on 2019.0. Updating earlier versions requires the full MSI installation.
The update process may cause a forced reboot, so please make sure all work is saved and all open applications are closed before the update is started.

64-bit MSP Update 32-bit MSP Update

Installation Files for Bluebeam Revu

Take control of deployment across your organization with our new enterprise-ready configuration tool. Parameters can also be passed at the command line or configured through an MSI editor, such as InstEd. Deployments can be handled by various methods, such as Group Policy or Windows SMS.

These packages include all three Revu editions, Standard, CAD, and eXtreme. You will need to follow the steps described in the Revu Enterprise Installation Guide for selecting the edition and registering the installations.


64-bit MSI 32-bit MSI

For older versions of Revu, click here.

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