Revu Deployment Packages

This page is for IT Administrators deploying Revu to multiple computers. If you’d like to install Revu on a single computer, check out our Download Center.

Get Started

Please read our guide for instructions on how to deploy Revu across your organization. For existing customers, note that the Revu 20 deployment process has changed.

Read the Revu Deployment Guide

After deploying your software, we recommend reading our Revu Administration Guide to learn how to manage your Revu licenses on a regular basis.

Deployment Files (MSI) for Revu 20

Take control of deployment across your organization with our new enterprise-ready configuration tool. Parameters can also be passed at the command line or configured through an MSI editor, such as InstEd. Deployments can be handled by various methods, such as Group Policy or Windows SMS.

These packages include all three Revu editions, Standard, CAD, and eXtreme. You will need to follow the steps described in the Revu Deployment Guide for selecting the edition and registering the installations.

Download 64-bit MSI    Download 32-bit MSI

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