Error: “A validated e-mail address is required to login…”

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Studio Enterprise


The following message appears when trying to log into a Studio Project or Session:

“A validated e-mail address is required to login. A new validation e-mail has been sent.”


Assuming the user has created a Studio account using Bluebeam Revu or Vu, Revu Mac, or Revu iPad or Vu iPad, they should have received an account validation email from the same email account that’s used for sending studio invitations and notifications. Once that email has been located, they’ll need to click the validation link to verify their Studio account.

Note: Accounts that aren’t validated within 7 Days are disabled.

If they’re unable to find the email within their inbox, it might be in their Junk/Spam folder, or blocked by your email server. If it isn’t in their mailbox, please contact your IT support group and ask them to confirm whether or not the message (along with the address it was sent from) is being blocked.

Server Side, Manual Account Validation

As an administrator for your Studio Enterprise system, you also have the option of manually validating user’s account from within the Bluebeam Studio Enterprise Portal.

  1. Open a web browser and log in to your Studio Enterprise Portal (https://YourServerURL)
  2. Select Users on the left.
  3. Click Search Search-icon.
  4. Enter the user’s email address and click Search.
  5. When the search results appear, click the user’s email address.
  6. Fill the Validated check box, and then click Update Profile.

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