Session Files in Studio Enterprise Fail to Download with Revu 2017.0.20 | Revu 2017 & below


Studio Enterprise users are unable to download documents from Studio Sessions with Revu 2017.0.20.

Relevant Products

  • Bluebeam® Revu® 2017.0.20
  • Bluebeam Vu® 2017.0.20
  • Bluebeam Studio® Enterprise


Users in organizations running Bluebeam Studio Enterprise are unable to download files from Studio Sessions with Revu 2017.0.20.


Download the Revu 2017.0.30 installation or update file from the Downloads & Updates page.

If you’re an IT Administrator who deployed Revu or Vu to multiple machines, you can download the corresponding version 2017.0.30 MSI installer or MSP update from our Enterprise Installation / Deployment Packages. Please follow the instructions in the Bluebeam Revu 2017 Enterprise Installation Guide to install or update to version 2017.0.30.

You’ve opened a Studio Project document in Revu 2017.x without checking it out. However, Revu freezes when you eventually try to check out the file while it’s still open.

This is the result of an incompatibility between Revu 2017 and version 4.7.2 of the Microsoft .Net Framework.
Although a rollback to an earlier .Net Framework version be possible, we don’t recommend this, as it may have an adverse effect on other .Net-dependent applications on your system.

If your Revu 2017.x installation is affected by this issue we recommend the following solutions:
Checkout the file before opening it:

Open Revu and log into the Studio Project.
Locate the file you want to checkout.
Right-click on it, and select
Open the file.

Enable Checkout on Open in Studio Preferences:

Open Revu and press , or go to >
Select in the left pane of the Revu Preferences dialog
Click the Checkout on Open checkbox in the main section of the dialog.

From now on, all Studio Project files are

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