Unknown Error in Revu Clients when working with Studio Enterprise

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Studio Enterprise

If a user connected to your Studio Enterprise server receives a generic “Unknown Error”, check the Application Log in the Windows Event Viewer on the server running Studio Enterprise for information about the problem. If the cause of the error is not clear, please send the details of any errors found here, along with a copy of the Bluebeam log files from the server and a description of what the user was doing in Revu which resulted in the error, to support@bluebeam.com.

The Studio Enterprise log files can be accessed from the Bluebeam Studio Administrator by going to the File Menu and selecting Show Log Files.

  • Please also send any log files found in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\Bluebeam Software.
    If using Windows Authentication to SQL and you are NOT logged in as the Service Account set in the Database Configuration, also check the Temp folder for the Service Account User for log files in the path above.

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