Markup compatibility in Bluebeam Cloud

This article applies to:

  • Bluebeam Cloud — Web

In Bluebeam Cloud, the PDF Editor allows you to collaborate on drawings via web browser or app, which includes creating, editing, and viewing markups. In this article, we’ll go over all the fully supported, partially supported, and unsupported markups in Bluebeam Cloud.

If you’re accessing Bluebeam Cloud via the iOS app, you’ll have access to a limited number of markups in addition to punch and RFI. Click here to learn more.

Fully supported markups

You can select and edit markups created in Bluebeam Cloud. Full support includes the ability to move, resize, group, delete, or update the properties of a markup. The following markups are fully supported:

  • Rectangle
  • Cloud
  • Ellipse
  • Vector Pen (i.e., Line, Polyline)
  • Text box
  • Callout
  • Cloud+
  • Pen
  • Highlighter
  • Image
  • Length Measurement
  • Area Measurement
  • Count
Although they can’t be created in Bluebeam Cloud, Arcs, Dimensions, and Flags are also fully supported.

In addition to the markups above, Bluebeam Cloud contains built-in Tool Sets helpful for design review.

Bluebeam Cloud Tool Sets

Comments and subjects

When you upload a drawing to Bluebeam Cloud that was originally marked up in Revu, the existing meta data from the Markups List is transferred and fully supported.

To access the comments and subjects for these markups:

  1. In the Markup Editor, select Comments and Shapes from the menu on the right.
  2. You can toggle between Comments and Shapes.
  3. Select See Details under a Comment or a Shape to see its timestamp and/or Page Label.
  4. Under Comments, you can select a markup’s status from the dropdown on the right.

    The status options are the same default Review statuses available from the Markups List in Revu.

Partially supported markups

With partially supported markups, you can select, delete, or group them and update their available properties. However, you can’t move or resize these markups.

Currently, measurement markups and Spaces are transferrable from Revu but only partially supported in Bluebeam Cloud.

Grouped markups

Grouped markups can be created in Bluebeam Cloud and transferred from Revu. However, keep the following in mind for your workflows:

  • All markups can be grouped except Cloud+.
  • Line/Arrow markups can’t be rotated nor can any group that contains them.
  • Groups that contain partially supported markups behave the same as partially supported markups.

Unsupported markups

There are a small number of traditional Revu markups that are unsupported in Bluebeam Cloud. Unsupported markups will display if present on an uploaded drawing but can’t be selected or edited. These include:

  • Count tool
  • Digital signatures/IDs
  • Stamps
  • Sketch to Scale markups

Additionally, if you send your Revu 21 tool sets to Bluebeam Cloud, some custom markups may not be supported and won’t fully appear in the Tool Chest. These unsupported markups can’t be placed on a drawing in Bluebeam Cloud.

This markup is not supported



Bluebeam Cloud


Find out what classic Revu markups are compatible with our web/mobile solution, Bluebeam Cloud.


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