Create and edit markups in Bluebeam Cloud on iOS

This article applies to:

  • Bluebeam Cloud — iOS

In Bluebeam Cloud, users with a Bluebeam subscription plan can add markups to PDFs in Drawings. After you log in to Bluebeam Cloud, select a project. To open a drawing from the Dashboard, go to Drawings, tap View All, and select a drawing.

You must upload drawings through the browser. Click here to learn how.

Markup Tools

Tap the plus button to add the following markups: Rectangle, Text, and Arrow. To place a markup, tap the area of the drawing where you want the markup to appear. You may also tap and drag to adjust the size of your markup before you place it.

You can adjust the size and other visual properties of the markups listed below when you place them. To edit or delete a markup, tap and hold the markup to access the menu

Markup Editable Properties


Line color, Fill Color, Opacity
 Text Line color, Fill Color, Opacity
 Arrow Line Color, Opacity

Markups that have been rotated in Revu or the web version of Bluebeam Cloud cannot be resized or moved in Bluebeam Cloud iOS.


Bluebeam Cloud


You can now add markups to Bluebeam Cloud on iOS.

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