How to set up a project in Bluebeam Cloud

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  • Bluebeam Cloud – Web

Bluebeam Cloud allows you to create projects and customize the settings to organize your drawings and punch items efficiently.

You must have Admin permissions to create a project.

Create a new project

After signing into Bluebeam Cloud with your Bluebeam ID (BBID), select Projects in the left sidebar, and click New Project.

On the Create Your Project page, you can enter the details and location of your project. When complete, select Create Project.

Manage your project settings

After you create a project, you land on the Settings page. From here, you can manage the following settings:


Within the Disciplines setting, you can choose AEC standards that define how drawings are classified and organized based on your region. You also can start from a blank template or customize an existing standard according to your project needs.

We currently support NCS Level 1 & 2 for all project regions except Sweden and SIS for projects located in Sweden.

If you want to make changes to your chosen standard, here’s how:

  • To rename a discipline’s designator and/or update the description, select a discipline and click Edit.
  • To delete a discipline, select the discipline and click Delete.
  • To add a custom discipline, select Add Another and enter the designator and description.
  • To reorder a discipline, click and drag a discipline to the desired position.

If you decide to change the current standard, perform the following steps:

  1. Select Disciplines.
  2. Select Change Standard in the top-right corner.
  3. Choose a standard.
  4. Select Change Standard in the bottom-right corner.
You can only change the standard before you publish drawings or tie a scope to a discipline.

Scope of Work

Within the Scope of Work setting, you can access a list of categories that help with organizing and assigning punch items. You can also tie a scope (or multiple scopes) to a particular discipline (or multiple disciplines) from the AEC standard you’ve previously selected.

If you want to make changes to your scopes of work, here’s how:

  • To rename a scope, select a scope and click Edit.
  • To tie a discipline to a scope, double-click the scope and use the dropdown arrow.
  • To delete a scope, select a scope and click Delete.
  • To add a custom scope, select Add Another.
  • To reorder a scope, click and drag a scope to the desired position.

Users and Team

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Export Project Data

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